What Is Backlinks In SEO? - How To Create Backlinks In 2020

Do you Want to know What is Backlinks in Seo? And how We can Improve Website Ranking. Then this Post is Specially for You. Today, I will Give you Knowledge about Backlinks And How To Create Backlinks. With its Help, You can Quickly Index and Improve Ranking of your Site in Search Results.

What Is Backlinks In SEO? - How To Create Backlinks In 2020

Now-a-days, Without backlinks Its very Difficult to Rank in Search Results because of High Competition. So, If you Are a Beginner & Don't have the Knowledge about SEO. High-Quality Backlinks helps to Quickly Rank and Get unlimited Organic Traffic to your Site. For this, Create powerful Backlinks form High DA and PA website so That your Website can be Ranked on Top Search Pages as soon as possible. 

What Is Backlinks In SEO?

In SEO Field, You must Have heard the Name of Backlinks. Backlinks is a Very Important and Powerful Weapon of your Blog which Will Help to Rank Fast in different Search Engines. The Main Question comes How Do They Work? Suppose if You have a Blog whose Domain Authority is Very High. And the Second Person used your Blog Link to his Own Webpage or If you use Another Link to your Webpage. In this Case, the Links that Appear on these Webpages are called Backlinks.

Many People get Confused Understanding the type of Links. So Let me tell you, There are Four Types of links Internal Link, External Link, Inbound Link & Outbound Link.

(1) Internal Link:

We can Link our Previous Pages to Another Page with the Same Domain. The Advantages of Linking Pages is, If your any Article Ranks on Search Engine and You have Included other Article Links properly. Then Readers can Easily jump Form one Article to Other, Thus increase in Traffic. And it help to Reduce Bounce Rate.

(2) External Link:

When we Include other Domain URL to Our Pages. This Type of Link is called External link or Outbound link.

(3) Inbound Link:

The Link which You get from Other Websites that Points your Site. This is called Inbound link.

Why High Quality Backlinks are Important for Your Blog/ Website?

High Quality Backlinks Helps to Increase your Domain Authority & Fastly Rank your Pages in Search Engine. The benefit of Backlinks is That if You have a Blog and Have Quality Backlinks. And on the Other Side if you Compare It to a New Blog. Google will not Give as Much Importance to New Blog as your Blog will Get only Because of High Quality Backlinks.

Keep in Mind, All Backlinks Your are Creating should be Natural. Don't use Any Kind of Software as Google can Penalize your Website. Always choose High Authority Site for Building Backlinks. But Firstly you Need to Focus on Writing Quality Content. Because the Main Requirement of Many Websites is your Content. If your Content Quality is Good and User-friendly, then You can Easily get High-Quality Backlinks from Any Site.

If you Get Backlinks by Copying the Content form Other Websites or Re-write the Content. Then you will Get Backlinks but your Copy-right Content will Not be Ranked in Search Engines. Because Google likes 100% Unique and High Quality Content. So I advise You to Improve your Content & Write Quality Content for your Website. So that You can get Maximum Quality Backlinks for your Site.

Advantages Of Building Backlinks:

(1) Improve Website Ranking In Search Results:

Backlinks is a Best Way for Getting Better Rank in Search Engine results. As I mentioned Above, if You have More Quality Backlinks created in Right Way then Your site can Achieve High Ranking in a Short Time. So Focus on creating Quality Backlinks because These Backlinks are Better than Normal Backlinks.

(2) Referral Traffic From Other Sites:

Getting Traffic is a Major Goal for Every Blogger. And Backlinks are One of the Best Source of getting Referral Traffic from Other Websites. So also create Quality Backlinks & it Will be Helpful in Decreasing your Site Bounce Rate.

(3) Faster Indexing of Your Blog or Website:

With the Help of Backlinks, Search Engine Bots can Quickly Crawl & Index your site pages. But if You have a New Site and Have no Quality Backlinks then It takes time for Crawling and Indexing. Therefore, if you Want to Fast Index and Boost your Site Ranking in Search Engine then Quality Backlinks are very Important.

(4) Increase Domain Authority:

As You will Create more Backlinks, Your website Domain Authority will be Increased Automatically. The Search Engines will Trust your Site and Fastly Rank in Top Search Results. It will Helps to get Organic Traffic.

How to Create Backlinks?

There are so Many Methods of Building Backlinks but I will Discuss Some of the Popular Methods of Creating Backlinks. And Every Blogger uses these Methods to get Top Ranking in Search Results. Without wasting the time Let's check-out What are those Methods.

(1) Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting is an Easiest Way of Getting Backlinks from High Authority Sites. But its Very Difficult to find Do-follow Blog Commenting Sites. Because Most of the Websites use No-follow Tag in the Comment Section. If you are Creating Backlink in those Sites it Will be considered No-follow Backlink. And Search Engine doesn't Gives Importance to No Follow Backlink.

An Important Question is, How we can Check that Created Backlink is Do-follow or No-follow. So its Very Easy to Check, Just go to Inspect or Developer Tool & Point the Link which You Want to Check. Something like this Code will Appear as I have Described in this Image.

Do Follow Backlinks

Follow this Method, Then you can Easily check Backlink Type and Can make numerous Quality Backlinks from High Authority Websites.

(2) Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is a Very Common & Popular method of Getting Quality Backlinks. Now-a-days, Everyone prefer this Method. Through Guest Blogging, You will Not get only Quality Do-follow Backlink but Can also Get Huge Traffic on your Site. So the Important step Comes, you Need to Find the Niche Related Blogs which accepts Guest Blogging.

For this, Focus on Writing Attractive and Quality Content and Add your Site Link to this Content. And If the Reader likes Your Content, he Will be Able to Come to Your Site through This Link and then Read your Other Articles. Which will be very Beneficial in Increasing your Site Traffic.

(3) Directory Submission:

It is Another useful Technique of getting Backlinks by Submitting the Site URL from various Directory Sites. I know This Method is not Popular but Its very Helpful to Improve the Site Authority. Just you Need to Find the legal Directory Submission Sites where You can Submit your Website. Before Submitting the Website, also Check the Site DA, PA & Spam Score. It will Be very Effective to your Site.

Please Note: Avoid to use Automatic Methods for Submitting URL for Web-submission Sites. The Main Disadvantage of doing this, Your Site will be Considered as Spaming Website or Search Engine can Remove your Site in Search Results. So Follow the Right Steps which Submission Sites provide. Then you can Quickly get Powerful Backlinks by Submitting Site URL.

(4) Web 2.0 Submission: 

You can Easily create Unlimited Do-follow Backlinks by using Web 2.0 Sites. I know You are Confused to Hear 'Web 2.0 Sites?'. These are the Sites which Give you Full Access to Publish the Content. For Example: Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, Tumbler.com, etc. All 2.0 sites have a High DA and PA.

Some of the Things Need to be Keep in Mind before Getting Backlinks, Must write 3-5 Unique Articles of 500+ Words. It should be Related to your site. Add Contact us, About us & Privacy Policy pages. Lastly, Include your Site or Specific Post Url for which You want to Get Do-follow Backlink. This way, You can Create Uncountless Do Follow Backlinks by Following these Steps.

(5) Profile Creation:

Profile Creation is a very Simple and Best Technique of building Backlinks from Different Sites. There are so many Websites Available which Allow you to Create your Own Profile. This will Benefit to Increase your Domain Authority & Faster Ranking your Site in Search Results. Before Creating Backlinks, you must Check the website Spam Score which will Help to create Better Backlinks.


At the Ending, I Hope that Now you Clearly understand What is Backlinks in SEO & How To Create Backlinks. Due to High Competition most of the Beginners are Fully Dependent on Backlinks. Because it Is the Best Way to Achieve Higher Rank in different Search Engines. And also Helps to Improve the Domain Authority. So try to Create Natural and High-Quality Backlinks. Avoid to use Automatic Software for Building Backlinks, this Can be a Trouble for your Website Ranking in Search Engine.

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