6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2020 For Bloggers

Has your Adsense Application been Disapproved more Than Once? or Your Account is Suspended due to Some Reasons. Then Don't Worry. In Today's Post, I will Inform you about Best Google Adsense Alternatives that Will Help you to Monetize your Blog or Website Fastly.

6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2020 For Bloggers

Google Adsense is the Best and Largest Advertising Leading platform in Worldwide. Like Me, You also Completely Rely on Google Adsense because it is 100% Trusted Ad Network. And it Provides you Very High Paying rates So you can Earn Sufficient Money. The most Important Thing is, How To Get Google Adsense Approval because Adsense Policies has Become very Strict. And if You Follow their Policies Well, You will Definitely get Adsense Approval.

Are you Thinking Google Adsense is Just only Adverts Network where You can Make Money Online? So my Answer is No. There are numerous Google Adsense Alternatives available on the Internet, With their Help you can Quickly Monetize your Blog & Earn Good Money. But through the Adsense Alternatives which I Mentioned in this Post, You will Get Excellent Paying rates and Instant Approval for your Blog.

List Of Best Google Adsense Alternatives

(1) MediaNet
(2) Sovrn
(3) PropellerAds
(4) Infolinks
(5) PopAds
(6) AdsTerra

(1) Media.Net:

Media.net is a Very Popular and Second Rank Best Alternative after Adsense. It is the Largest Ads leading Platform By Bing & Yahoo. This Ads network Works same as Google Adsense, Means as Google Adsense gives You Revenue form Ads Impression or Clicks. Similarly Media.net also Gives you the Same. If you Have Created a Blog and your Google Adsense Application has been Rejected Again & Again, then Media.net is another Prefect Choice for You after Adsense. All Ads are Very Premium so You can Generate Excellent Earning with This.

But there are Some Conditions, If you Want to Get Approval for this Network. Firstly, Your Site must Getting 95% Organic Traffic form US, UK, Canada and 5% Traffic from Other Countries. Media.net only Supports English Contents and No other languages Are Supported like Urdu, Hindi, etc. Taking about Blogpost Articles, Write atleast 15-20 Unique Posts and Must add Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy or Disclaimer Pages. The Best thing I like, This service Informs you Within 24/48 Hours either Your Site is Approved or Not. And If your Blog fulfills All these Condition, Then you Are Eligible for Media.net.

Payment Method:

Media.net supports Payoneer Account and the Minimum Threshold is 100$. If your Payment is 100$ or Above, It will Send Automatically to your Account.

(2) Sovrn:

Sovrn is a Very Trusted and Best Adsense Alternative since 2004. It is a Medium Level Advertisement platform Totally based On CPM. This Means if your Website Gets 1000 Impressions, You will Only Get Paid for it. And If a Visitor Clicks on Ads so It's not Going to Benefit you Because this Network doesn't Supports CPC.

If i Talk about Applying Process, it is Very Easy. This Network doesn't Require your Website Traffic. If you Created a New Blog and Have very Low Traffic then You can Easily Apply for Sovrn. It Supports every language. This is the Only Ads Network that Gives you the Backfill Feature, Means If you Placed Sovrn Ads on your Website, But at Some Point it Doesn't show the Ads. And If You have Linked Sovrn Account to Google Adsense, then it will Show Adsense Ads instead of Sovrn Ads. That Way, You can Easily Generate High Revenue.

Payment Method:

Sovrn Supports PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, ACH Transfer and Paper Check (Only for US). It allows Minimum Threshold of $25 At the End of the Month. But If you Choose Wire Transfer $50 is Must for Withdrawal.

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(3) PropellerAds:

PropellerAds is a Very Unique and Largest Ads platform Launched in 2011. Like Sovrn, it's Totally based on CPM. This Network provides Variety of Ads including Banner ads, Pop Under ads, Web-push Notification ads, Mobile ads, Video ads, Interstitial ads, etc. All Ads are very Clean & Perfectly Work on Desktop or Mobile screen Websites. Talking about Site Traffic, There is No Traffic needed For Applying. PropellerAds may be an Amazing Choice for You, if you Haven't Found a Best Adsense Alternative for your Blog.

It Supports some Specific Niche like Entertainment Site, Movies/Videos Site, Games Site, Software Sites, etc. If you Have a Blog/Website Related to the Niche i Mentioned Above, then You can Apply for PropellerAds. I am Sure, You will Get an Instant Approval. The Main thing I like About this Ad Network, It allows Two Payment Periods Weekly and Monthly Basis. So You can Withdraw your Earning by Choosing Any of the  Payment Periods

Payment Method:

PropellerAds Supports the Following Payment Methods including Skrill, Webmoney, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Paypal and ePayment. The Minimum Threshold is $5. But if you Choose Payoneer or Wire Transfer, minimum $20 Threshold is for Payoneer Account. And the Wire Transfer starts From $500.

(4) Infolinks:

InfoLinks is One of the Best & Third Largest Advertisement leading platform Offers Different kind of Ads including Intext ads, Intag ads, Banner ads, Inframe ads, InFold ads, etc. The Best Thing of this Network, It gives You 70% Market Revenue Share and Keeps 30% Share itself. Fully Trusted Network and There is no Restrict Policies like Other Advertisement Networks. There is no Website Traffic requirements and Allows you to Free Setup Account without Fee. Infolinks is a Great Platform for All type of Publishers.

If you Are a Newbie and Have your Own Blog, but your Adsense Application has been Rejected Due to Some Reasons then I Suggest to Go with Infolinks. Most Famous Brands working With it Are Facebook, Pizza Hut, eBay, Ali Express, Amazon, Hyundai, etc.

Payment Method:

Infolinks supports Several Payment Options like Western Union, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paypal and eCheck (This service is Only for US). Allows $50 Minimum Threshold after 45 Days. But if you Choose other Payout Options like Western Union and Wire Transfer $100 is Must.

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(5) PopAds:

PopAds is a Secure and Best Paying Advertisement network Specially for the Publishers & Advertisers. It provides Pop-under Ads and Fully Based on Cost Per Mile (CPM). There is No much Traffic Required to Apply. But make Sure to Check Out these Things on your Site before Applying, Content Quality is Good, No empty post exists, etc. If you Have a Blog that not Supports English Language Content then You Don't Worry. PopAds supports All Kind of Languages. 100% Trusted Network and Provides fast Payment Facility.


Payment Method:

PopAds Accepts your Paypal Account, Wire Transfer, Credit Card & Alertpay. It allows minimum payment for Paypal is $5. Other Payment Methods like Wire Transfer, must Have $500 for Withdrawal.

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(6) AdsTerra:

AdsTerra is an Excellent and Fastest Growing Advertisement Platform in the World. It Provide Services in more than 190+ Countries & Offers you Different Ads format Including Pop-under ads, Direct Link, Banner ads, Web Push Notification ads, Widget ads, Videos ads, etc. All ads are very Clean and High Quality. The Main Ads of this Network is Pop-under and Direct Link ads. Being clean ads, Doesn't effect the User Experience. Adsterra only Works with CPM and Gives you Instant Approval within 30 Mins. 

All Policies are Not Restricted but requires Minimum 5000 Monthly Traffic for Approval. Focus to Write 100% Unique Content, it Will help to Get Faster Approval. It has a User-friendly Interface and Powerful Report Generator, so You can Easily check Daily Ads Impressions or Revenue. Talking about Staff Members, all are Very Good so If you Face any Problem Related to the Ads, Payment Issue, etc They are Available 24/7.

Payment Method:

Adsterra is Based on NET15 with Minimum Threshold of $5 for Via Paxum or Webmoney. But if You Choose other Availabe Payout Methods, they Allow $100 for Paypal & $1000 for Wire Transfer.


At the End, All listed above Google Adsense Alternatives are very Best. 100% Trusted Networks, So you Don't Need to Worry about Your Payment. Google Adsense is a Vast & Popular Advertisement Platform in the World. And its Policies are Very Tough these Days so There are Few Chances that You will Get Adsense Approval.

But If you Have a Blog/Website and Want to Generate High Revenue like Google Adsense then I Highly Recommend you to Go with Media.Net. The Reason is, its Paying Rate is Similar as Google Adsense. Media.net only Supports English Content & requires 95% Original Traffic form US, UK and Canada. If you Think your Blog Easily meets their Policies then You can Apply for it. Otherwise, I have Completely described Best Adsense Alternatives. You can Choose Any of these Ads Networks depending on the Requirements of your Blog.

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