8 Best Google Adsense Plugins For WordPress In 2020

Are You Finding the Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress Site? and Want to Earn More Money by Inserting Ads on your Website. So, I am Writing this Article specially for You, In which i will Give you Complete Information about all Best Ads Management Plugins.

8 Best Google Adsense Plugins For WordPress In 2020

Nowadays, Everyone wants to Earn Money along with his Work. In case, If you Have an Ads Network Account like Google Adsense, Pop-up Ads, Amazon Affiliate, etc then You will Definitely want to Make More Money by Displaying Ads on your Website. That's why, In this Post I have Completely Described all of these Adsense Plugins For WordPress. Which will Help you to Easily place All Advertisement networks on your Website. 

You will Find many Ads Wordpress Plugins on the Internet, But if You choose Wrong Plugin. It will Effect your Website Performance like Slow down the Website Speed, etc. Therefore I suggest That you Must Know about Them when Choosing Plugins so that They may Not cause Any Trouble for you in Future.

Taking about these Adsense Plugins, they Come with two Different Ways of Inserting Ads one is Automatically and the Other is Admin Provided Shortcode. You can Choose any of These two methods According to the Requirements. You can Easily change the Style or Size of the Ads through the Pugin Panel. The main thing I like, it has an Ads Tracking feature, By which you can Easily track or check your Ads Views, Impressions or Clicks.

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Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress

Here I am Sharing with You a Collection of Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins which will gives you Full Access to control all Ad Networks.

(1) Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin:

Ad Inserter is an Easy to use Interface & Ultra-flexible Ads Management WordPress Plugin comes with a lot of Advanced Features. You can Easily create Ultimate Ad sections and Insert Ads code according to the Needs. Also supports All type of Ads including Google Adsense, Pop-Ups Ads, Banner Ads, Amazon Affiliate and other Ads Platforms. Absolutely Free Version Plugin and Allows you to Display Ads at various Locations like Before or After the Blogpost, Paragraphs, Insert into Comments, Blogspot Images, Header or Footer and Many More.

It comes with Preview Option, by Which you can check Live Preview using Visual CSS Editor. Other Impressive Features are Supports AMP ads, Google Analytics integrated, Fully responsive design, Sticky custom widgets, Adsense code generator, etc.

Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin
In Pro Version, it Comes with Sticky ads bar, Lazy loading, Geo-targeting, Awesome animations, IP address Blocker, Supports via-Email, Import/Export option, etc.

(2) Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin:

Quick Adsense is an Initiative and Very popular Ads Management Wordpress Plugin available on Wordpress Official Site. Perfect for Those who want to Place all Kinds of Ads on their Website and Earn Money. As its name implies, You can Quickly insert Ads of all Popular Platforms like Adsense, Media.net & Other third party Ads. It has Two Methods of Placing Ads. One method is Specifically & the Other is Randomly, so You can Choose according to your Choice.

Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin

Its a more Powerful Plugin and Offering you to Display up to 10 Ads Per Page. Many advanced features are More flexible, 5+ Default ads placement options, Custom sidebar widgets, etc.

(3) Wp-Insert WordPress Plugin:

If You Haven't find a Premium-free and Fully Adsense ready Ads Insertion wordpress plugin, Then Wp-Insert is a Great Option for you. It has an Unlimited Ads-block feature, Through which you can Display Ads to Right or Left of the Content, Middle & Above or Below the Content without any Restrictions. Easy to use Interface and it Allows to Change the Style of Ads in Plugin Panel. It is a Shortcode Generated Plugin, by Which you can Easily add Adverts Code into the Blogpost.

Wp-Insert WordPress Plugin

Built with High Quality techniques & Doesn't effect the Website Performance. Also an AMP Supported plugin and Comes with Other Helpful Features like Geo-targeting option, Compatible wit Woo-commerce, Ads enable or disable option and Much More.

(4) Advanced Ads Manager WordPress Plugin:

Advanced Ads Manager is a Hand Crafted & very Rich-Featured plugin Specially Built for popular Ads Network including Google Adsense, Amazon ads, Pop-Up ads, etc. It Allows you to Easily create Unlimited Ads Unit and Insert into your Post, Pages or Other custom Post Types. 100% Responsive, all Ads work fine on all Screen-size Resolutions such as Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop, etc. Ad Shortcode Generator Plugin, which Offers you to Place Code into the Theme header or footer, Paragraphs, Top or Bottom of the Content and Many More.

Advanced Ads Manager WordPress Plugin

You can Check the Ads Impression or Clicks using latest Tracking Addon feature. User Experience is Amazing with 100,000+ Active Installations.

(5) Easy Google Adsense WordPress Plugin:

Easy Google Adsense is an Easy to use and Well Optimized plugin for Google Adsense Ads by NoorsPlugin. This plugin needs no Google Adsense code, You just Have to Use your Adsense Publisher ID and the Ads will Automatically be Displayed on your Website. Totally Free Version plugin & Helps to Maintain your Website Performance. This wordpress plugin May be a Great Choice for you, If you Haven't find a Fully Ads Ready plugin.

Easy Google Adsense WordPress Plugin

(6) WP Quads Adsense WordPress Plugin:

Looking for a Super Flexible & very Light Weighted ads management plugin, Then WP Quads is an other Amazing Option for you. It has an Unlimited Ads Placement option, by Which you can Display different Type of Ads Network in no Time. Also a Fully Responsive plugin, It means All Ads are Perfectly Adjustable on all Screensizes. AMP Ads are also Supported and Gives you very High Performance. Other Useful Features are Supports multiple languages, Two method of Inserting Ads specifically or randomly, Maximum 10 Ads per page, Shortcode Generator, Mobile friendly optimized and Much More.

WP Quads Adsense WordPress Plugin

(7) WP Simple Adsense Insertion WordPress Plugin:

WP Simple Adsense Insertion is Another premium-free & Very Simple advertisement Management Wordpress Plugin. With this, You can Manage all Adsense and other Third Party ads Network on your Site very Easily. It comes with Two Ways of Displaying Ads one is Admin Provided Shortcode or the Other is PHP code. Installation is so Easy, no Coding Practice is Required. This plugin Offers you to place Ads Network on Various Locations like Sidebar widgets, Above or Below the Article and Many More. Fully Optimized for Ads and Doesn't effect the Site Quality.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion WordPress Plugin

(8) Ad Rotate WordPress Plugin:

Ad Rotate is a Great and Highly Customizable wordpress Ads Management Plugin with live Ad Preview option. Compatible with All type of Ads Network including Adsense, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliates, Media.net, Doubleclick, etc. Mobile Friendly optimized plugin & Allows the Feature of Geo Targeting Ads for any Country. You can Easily Adjust the Adverts size or pixels Through the Plugin Dashboard. It has an Ads Tracking addon, so You can Daily check the Ads Impression or Clicks. All ads are Seamlessly Fit on different screensizes Because of its Responsive Design. It has 50,000+ live Active User Installations.

Ad Rotate WordPress Plugin


At the End, I hope that All these Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress will be Proved very Useful for you I Mentioned Above. If you are Thinking of Displaying more Ad Networks on your Website, and Looking for Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins so I recommend to Choose One of Them. This will Helps to Boost your Revenue form Ads.

All Plugins are Fully Optimized for Ads including Google Adsense, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliate, Pop-up Ads and Many More. So You can Quickly add any Kind of Ads Network using these WordPress Plugins.

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