How To Write SEO Friendly Article In 2020

If you are Looking for best tips to Write SEO Friendly Article for your Website, so That your Article gets Higher Rank in Search Engine as early as possible, Then you Are at the Right Place. In this Post, I will Share with You some Useful Tips which you can Follow to Write 100% SEO Friendly Article.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article In 2020

Many People don't Add proper Headings, Internal or External Links, Short Paragraphs, etc. Due to this Their Article doesn't Get Higher Rank in Search Engine. So, SEO Friendly Article is Necessary for Every Blogger. But If you Write High Quality Unique Content and Follow all this Tips I mentioned below, Your article will Rank in 1-10 Pages in Google.

10 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Article

Here I am Going to Share with You best Tips to Write SEO Friendly Article. These Tips will be Proved very Useful to Every Blogger. Let's Start Out.

(1) Keyword Research:

The First Question that Comes to Everyone's mind After hearing the name of Keyword is, What is Keyword?. So Let me Tell you that There is no Rocket Science in it. Any phrase you Searching on Google for Example 'What is SEO', It is called Keyword. I Know That after Learning about Keyword, You must have Question Come in your Mind that Where we Can find Better Keyword.

If you Are a Beginner and Looking for Best Tool for Searching Keyword, Then i would Suggest you to go with 'Google Keyword Planner'. Because its a Free Tool and Helps  to find Good Keyword. From this Tool, You can Easily research Keyword Monthly Search Volume, CPC, Competition, etc. Choose low Competition Keyword whose Monthly Search Volume is Good. But if You are Interested in Paid Version keyword researching tools, Then go with Ahref Tool & Semursh.

Use Long Tail Keyword its Benefit is That you can get Faster Rank. Example of Long Tail Keyword is 'How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online'. But if You just Write 'Start A Blog', Its very Difficult to Rank your Article because Competition is very High and Many people already use Short Tail Keyword. So I recommend you to use Long Tail Keyword and your Short Tail Keyword will automatically rank.

(2) Write High Quality Content:

Search Engine likes Long and High Quality content because Content is the King in the Eyes of Search Engine. This doesn't Mean that You just Focus on Writing long content But also Write User-Friendly, It means User can Easily understand What you have Stated in the Article. Keep in Mind, the Article which you are Writing on Must Contain 1000 words or more. Avoid to Make Spelling and Grammarly mistakes. Don't use Unwanted Words, it Makes User Experience very Bad. If your Content is 100% Unique and User-friendly, then I am Sure your Content will Get Rank easily in Search Engine.

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(3) Add Keyword In Post Title:

After Finding a Keyword, The main thing to do Is to Use that Targeted Keyword in the Post Title. By Adding keyword, Search Engine will See that Which article You want to Go on Rank. I want to Share my Pro Tip with You.

Let me Understand you With an Example. Suppose your Focus Keyword is 'How To Get Google Adsense Approval'

google adsense

(4) Add keyword In Your First Paragraph:

When Writing an Article, You must Use Targeted Keyword in the First Paragraph which will Help in SEO. You have to Write an Attractive Paragraph of round about 150 Words which Will impress your Visitor's and Force the Reader to Read this Article. Add Related Keyword in the paragraph & This will Help to Rank your Short Tail Keyword.

(5) Image Optimization:

Alt Tag helps the Search Engine to Read the Image. Many People don't use Alt Tag in Blogpost Images that's why Search Engine doesn't Read the Image. But if you Want to do SEO in Blogpost Image, I suggest you to Must add Related Keywords in Alt Tag & it will helps to Optimize your Article.

(6) Use Heading Tags:

Use of Heading and Sub-heading Tag, is very Important in SEO. Because if you are Writing Long Content and Not using Heading tags, Readers will get Confused and Don't understand What you have Actually Written. So you Must use Proper H1, H2 & H3 Tags in your Article. At the End, i leave it up to you How to use Heading and Sub-heading Tags according to the Article.

(7) Bold Important & Related Keywords:

After Writing the Complete Article, The main thing to do is Bold the Focus & Related Keyword which You have Used. This will Make it Easier for Search Engine to Understand on Which topic the Post is Written On. This Doesn't mean That you Bold Everything in the Article.

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(8) Blogpost URL:

Always use your Targeted Keyword in your Blogpost URL. This will Help your Post to Better Rank in Search Engine. Many People when Write the Articles, Left their Blogpost URL default Because many of them are Newbies and Don't have the Knowledge about This. So for SEO friendly Article, you must Have to Use targeted keyword in your Blogpost URL.

Below, I am Giving you an Example of Blogspot URL.

(9) Meta Description:

In Meta Description, You have to give Description of your Article which will show What you Described in the Article. Repeat the Targeted Keyword which you Used in the Title of your Article. Be Sure to add Related Keyword to this Description and It will Help search engine in Finding the Article. Meta Description should be of At least 150-160 Characters. Avoid to Use Copyright Meta Description, Your article Will not get Expected Rank through This.

(10) Internal or External Linking:

In this Part, I am Going to Tell you About two Types of Links, One is Internal Linking and the Other is External Linking.

In Internal Linking, We include the Links of Other Articles in our Post. Its Benefit is, It reduce Bounce Rate and You have a Good Organic Traffic to the Post, So if you Have good Internal Linking in your Post, All linked Articles will Automatically Rank with this.

While in External Linking, We include some Other Domain Links in our Post. Remember the Link you are Adding should be Related to your Niche Article. This will Help the Search Engine to Understand which your Niche Blog is About. So you Must use External Links of Related Niche Articles. It will Boost the Trust Value of your Site in Search Engine.


At the End, I hope That this Article has been very Useful for You. If you Follow the tips I listed Above, I can Guarantee that You can easily Write SEO Friendly Article without any Problem. Just few Things to Keep In Mind are, The Keyword you Choosing for your Article must be Low Competition with Good Monthly Search Volume.

But if You make the Mistake of Choosing the Wrong Keyword, you Article may not be Rank in Search Engine in Reason the Competition is Very High. Must include Internal & External links of Other Articles, They will Also Rank and Get good Organic Traffic. If your Article Meets the Tips I mentioned, Then don't worry Your Article will Get Higher Rank in Search Engine without Backlinks.

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