How To Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog 2020

Are you Interested in Google AdSense? And want to Get a AdSense Approval for your Blog or Website. As you All know Google Adsense Policy is very Strict. If your Blog/Website does not Meet the Adsense Policy, then They may Be able to Reject your Application. But don't Worry. Today, In this Post i will Tell you Everything which You can follow To Get Google Adsense Approval.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog 2020

Google Adsense is One of the Trust able Ads offering network and also Work on pay Per-Click System. Taking about Paying Rates, it is Better than All other Networks. There are many Bloggers who are earning Millions of Dollars in a month from Adsense. If you follow Google Adsense Policy and Do work in a Right Way, you can Easily earn Huge Amount of Money form showing Ads. Many Beginner's make this Mistake that they Apply for Google Adsense without Reading the Policies and get Disapproved. Here are some Tips for you To get adsense approved.

9 Killer Tips To Get Google Adsense Approval

(1) Choosing a Custom Domain:

First, choose the Top Level Domain like .com, .net, .org, .xyz, etc for your Website. There are numerous websites on the Internet like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc from where you can Buy a good Top Level Domain. Many of my Friends ask me If they can Get Adsense Approval on Subdomain? So my Answer is Yes or No, because you Have to Wait for at Least 6 months for Approval but i can't Guarantee whether You will Get or Not.

That is why I would Suggest you to Buy a Top Level Domain. After buying a Domain name, you Need to choose a good Hosting Platform. If you choose Blogger, it Provides you Free web-hosting and SSL certificate. But if You choose WordPress Platform, you need to Buy a Premium Web-hosting for your website. Many Beginner's don't Have Enough budget to Buy a Premium Hosting Plan, So i Recommend them to Go with Blogger. 

(2) Post/Unique Content:

Write at Least 15-20 Unique posts Containing more Than 1000 words for approval. Keep in Mind that all the Posts you are Writing must be User-Friendly it Means that User can Easily understand the Content. While writing the Post, Avoid making Grammatical Mistakes, adding Unwanted Words, etc. Don't copy the Text form the Internet/Web and Try to Write High Quality content Yourself.

(3) Copyright Images:

Talking about Images, then must Keep in Mind that Never use Copyrighted Images or the Images available on Internet. I have Seen many Beginner's who use Images from Internet for their Posts/Pages Thumbnails. I'm not Telling you To not to use Images for your Posts/Pages, Infact, images play an Important Role in Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

I suggest you to Make your Own Images instead of Taking images from Internet for your Posts. There are a Lot of Images Websites on Internet that Provide you Free Copyright Images like,, etc. From these Websites, you Can take free Copyright Images aur Can also Edit these Images and Then use them for your Posts. This will be Very Helpful to you in Getting Adsense Approval.

(4) Design of your Blog:

After the Content, the most Important Thing is your Blog Design. Always select Light Weighted theme/template that is Easy to Use. Any Theme or Template you selected for your Blog should be Fully Responsive, Faster Loading Speed and Mobile Friendly. First, create an Attractive Logo for your Website. Make proper Menu Buttons, add Categories/Labels and Social media icons. Avoid adding Many custom Widgets to the Side-bar as you Also see on my Website. Keep in mind That your Site is Clean and there Should not be Placed Ads of Other Ads Network. Otherwise, It will Gives bad Impression to Google Adsense and They may Reject your Application.

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(5) Create Pages:

You need to create at least 5 pages which are very important for your website i.e Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. Before applying for Adsense Account, keep in mind that these Pages must be Created in your Website. You can Either write These pages Yourself or Can use the Page Generating Websites Available on the Internet to Create Pages.

(6) Add website to Google Search Console:

After writing Articles and Creating Pages, The next most Important thing To do is to Add your Blog/Website to Google Search Console. Benefit of Adding website is That it will Get Higher Ranking in Search Engine and this will Let Google know which URL to Index. Many people Don't add their Website to Google Search Console and Immediately apply for Adsense, this cause the Rejection of their Application. I suggest You to must Add website to Search Console and also Create a Sitemap. You can Apply for Adsense after all Post/Pages have Manually Indexed.

(7) Age verification:

According to Adsense Policy, your Age must be At least 18 Years then You are Eligible for Adsense. But if your Age is not 18 Years you Cannot Participate in Google Adsense. That is Why age Must be at Least 18 Years.

(8) Getting Good Organic Traffic:

If Your Website is Getting 100+ Organic Traffic every day , it means Your all Posts/Pages have Indexed on Google and started Ranking on Some Keywords you used. This is a Good Sign for Google Adsense and your Adsense application may be Approved. Always use Low Competition Keywords it Helps to Get faster Ranking in Search Engines. Never buy paid traffic because google adsense is strictly against it.

(9) Adsense Supported Language:

You can Write your Post in so Many Languages. However, Adsense program Does not Support many Languages. Therefore, while Writing post Make sure that Language should be Supported by Google Adsense.


At the End of this Article, I will Tell you That you can Apply for the Adsense after Following all the Above Tips. Google Adsense will Review your Website within 12 to 24 Hours and Tell you through Email whether Your website is Approved or Not. But if Your website is Still Rejected after Following all These Tips, then Don't Worry, you Can also Re-apply for Adsense Approval. I would Like to Give you an Advice not to Enter any Wrong Data when Sign-In your Adsense Account because it Will cause Trouble for You in the Future.

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