9 Best Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin For 2020

Searching for the Best Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin for your WordPress site? Then you Are at the Right Place. In Today's post, I will Provide you a List of Table Of Contents Plugin For WordPress, some of Which are Free and Some are Paid version & They will Help to Make your Website more Attractive.

9 Best Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin For 2020

As you all know, There are many Users who are not Interested in Reading long Content. And want To know About something They Don't know. That's why, Table of Content Plugin helps a Lot to Find the Topic which You want to Read. With TOC Plugin, You can Jump to any Point and can Easily read About Anything which you Want to Know.

Table of Content Plugin is not Complicated to Add. Just you Have to Install any TOC Plugin and Then add Into your Content. The main thing is which TOC Plugin is Smooth and Suitable? Because there are Numerous table of content plugins Available on the Internet. So it's very Difficult to Choose one of Them. So you Don't Worry. I will Try to Give you Complete knowledge And it will be Beneficial to You to find Best Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin in Future.

Best Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin

According to my Experience, I have added Free and Premium Plugins in my Post. Talking about Premium Table of Content plugins, I have Added these Because many Of you Want table of content plugin with Extra Features which you can Find only in Premium Version Plugins. However, if you are a Beginner and doesn't Have the Budget to Buy premium version, then Free Version is Specially for You.

(1) Fixed TOC Plugin:

Fixed TOC is a Very smooth, Mobile friendly & More powerful Table of Content wordPress plugin. It allows you to Add your favourite table style very Easily. Automatically create table of content form your Blog post without any Setup. 100% Responsive, easily Adopt all Screen-size or Device dimensions, and Offers you to Show TOC in Two Different ways Smart show and Fixed sidebar. Also Compatible with most popular Page Builder Plugins like Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor, etc and can Freely change the Table position, Font style, Color, Lots of Animations and Many More. Clean coded design and Works amazingly on All types of Content. Totally premium version plugin And its Cost is $20.

Fixed TOC Plugin

(2) Ultimate Blocks Table of Content Plugin:

Its just Not a 'Table of Content' plugin for wordpress But offering You a large Collection of Custom Gutenberg Blocks including table of content block. Also a User Friendly interface Plugin & Specially built for Gutenberg User's. Creative design, More powerful and No need of Coding Experience for Installing this Plugin. Comes with Many Handy Block like Social Sharing, User Star Rating, Amazing sliders, Progress bar, Divider, Content filter, Call of action and Many More.

 Ultimate Blocks Table of Content

(3) Easy Table of Contents WordPress Plugin:

Easy Table of Content is a Clean coded and Easy to use TOC wordpress plugin. This plugin Offers you to Automatically add table of content In any Type of Post/Pages. Smooth Scrolling is also Available & Provides you the Facility to Create your own Background, Colors, Border, Title, Link-hover and Link colors According to your Choice. Absolutely Free version, Highly flexible and Has many Options Available to Insert the TOC like Top or Bottom, Before and After the content.

 Easy Table of Contents WordPress Plugin

(4) LuckyWP Table of Contents:

Looking for SEO friendly and Highly customizable Table of Content plugin, Then LuckyWP is a Smart Choice for your Post and Pages or Other custom post types. Combination of amazing Color Schemes like Dark, White, Light, Transparent, etc & You can Easily adjust the Width, Height, Float and Title or Font sizes form the TOC plugin panel. Other Handy Features are Smooth scrolling, Toggle hide or show, RTL supports, Shortcode integrated and Also compatible With all Free and Premium themes & plugins.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

(5) WP Joli Table of Content:

WP Joli TOC is a Fully customizable & SEO boosted Wordpress Plugin. Easily adjustable plugin Because of its Responsive design. Comes with two Different Options like Auto-insert and Manual(shortcode), Through which you can Add table of content According to your Choice. It has 2 awesome TOC themes Default and Classic and Supports smoothly scroll. This plugin is Totally Free and Allows you to Easily customize the Table width, Title alignment, Padding, Button position, Font size, Font weight, Link colors, etc. Compatible with IE10+ and Supports custom CSS Option. Taking about Pro Version, it Offers you Additional themes, Amazing hover and Animation effects, Multi-columns and Many More.

WP Joli Table of Contents

(6) Thrive Architect Plugin:

Thrive Architect is an Ultra flexible and Super faster wordpress Page Builder Plugin. With the Help of this Plugin, you can Insert table of content Block by using Drag & Drop Option. Works Smoothly and Gives you an Instant Preview option, Through which You can Check post or pages on Different Type of Screen-sizes like Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones, etc. Other Handful Features are Responsive editing, Advanced animation & Hover effects, Latest font styles, Full-width layouts and Many More. It is a Paid Version plugin Whose price is $67 Only for 1 single site.

Thrive Architect Plugin

(7) Simple TOC Plugin:

Simple TOC is a Premium-free and Very simple User Interface table of content plugin by Bainternet. Also Fully responsive, Seamlessely adjustable According to any Screensize or Device & it Allows you to Easily create Table with Admin Generated Shortcode. Active User rating is Awesome and it Has no Custom CSS option Available. Other Features are Auto generate html heading links, TinyMCE button, Per post\page basis, etc.

Simple TOC Plugin

(8) CM Table of Contents:

If you Are not Interested in the Above free Table of Content Plugins, then CM Toc Is another Amazing Choice for you. Easy to use and Provides you the Option to Fully Customize the table of content Including Titles, Table alignments, Background & Colors, Links colors, Sidebars, etc. Manual option (shortcode by admin) is Available to Add table In your Post/Pages. Taking about Pro Version starts From $29 for 2 Websites.

 CM Table of Contents

(9) Elementor Pack Pro:

Elementor Pack Pro is Offering Risk free and Super flexible widgets, Which are Expertly Clean Coded. If you use Elementor Page Builder plugin, can Easily add Table of Content in Every posts or pages. There is No coding Knowledge Required to use it and Offers 107 Awesome widgets in Pro Pack. Supports RLT and 15+ popular Languages. if you are Interested to Buy Addon for Elementor Page Builder then You should Go with codecanyon.net Which cost Is only $24.

Elementor Pack Pro Plugin


At the End, I want to Tell you That all My Suggested Free and Premium version Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin are Perfectly for your Wordpress Post/Pages. These plugins Give you popular Font style, Toc themes, Link hover, Animation effects and Your post/page will look More Attractive with These amazing Features. You can Select Table of Content Plugins from this Article according to the Needs.

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