10 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress In 2020

Do you Want to add Social Media Sharing Buttons to your WordPress Website? But don't Have the Idea which Social Sharing Plugins are the Best. In this Article, we will Give you the Complete Information that Enables you to Easily find the Best Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress.

10 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress In 2020

The role of the Social Media Websites is very Important as They help to Increase Traffic to your Website. But to Increase Traffic from Social Media, you must Need to Add Social Sharing Options to your Website so That your Post or Page can be Shared Automatically on Social Media &  Will improve Your post or page Ranking in Search Engines.

Benefits of Social Media Buttons

Following are the Benefits Of Using Social Sharing Buttons:
  • They help your Website to Get more Traffic.
  • Grow Your Link Network.
  • Increase your Post Exposure.

Best Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Many Beginners Don’t Know which Social Media Sharing Plugins are Perfect because There are a Lot of Social Sharing Plugins available on the Internet. But If you Install wrong plugin, it will Affect your Website in a Way that Slows Down your Website Performance & take a Long Time to Open in the Browser.

I Recommend to Must add at Least Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp sharing Options in your Blog or Website. Because these Social Media Platforms are Commonly used by Everyone. So let's Get Started and See which Best Social Media Sharing Plugins you Can use to Make your Website more Attractive.

(1) WP Social Sharing WordPress Plugin:

Wp Social Sharing is a Hand Crafted & more Attractive wordpress plugin for Social Media Sharing. Support many Popular Social Media Platforms buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterent, Xing, etc And also Provide you the Feature to Add custom CSS/JavaScript according to your Choice. Fully Responsive, all Sharing icons Look Awesome on all Device's Resolution. Totally free plugin, No image/api support and All sharing buttons are Built using CSS3. User experience is Great and Active Installation are 20,000+.

WP Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

(2) Monarch WordPress Plugin:

Looking for a Flexible and More powerful Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress, Then Monarch is an Excellent Choice for you. This plugin is a Paid Version and Developed by Elegant Themes. It allow You to Add 30+ Social Sharing platform buttons in 5 Several Locations like Start & Ending the blogspost, Images/videos, Floating sidebar, Sharing Popups & Fly-In. Responsive design, document Sharing Statistics and Also support Short code. Easy to Modify the Style and Color of your Sharing Buttons with an Amazing Features. Cost is $89 for Yearly Access to all Elegant Themes and Fully Premium Support, etc.

Monarch WordPress Plugin

(3) Easy Social Sharing WordPress Plugin:

Easy Social Sharing is a Clean coded and Creative design Media Sharing WordPress Plugin comes with 15+ Famous Social Network Sharing buttons. Easy to Use, Absolutely free version & Fully responsive, All buttons Will appear Amazing on All Devices resolutions with the Handy Features like Live social count, In-built 7 layout designs, Live preview option, Floating and Inline sharing buttons, etc. Dashboard setting is Quite Easy and it Offers you to Select Multiple Locations for Displaying Media icons like Above or Below the Page Content and Many More.

Easy Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

(4) Kiwi Social Share WordPress Plugins:

Kiwi Social Share is a Hand-crafted, Super elegant & Support multiple Sharing Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. Faster loading speed and Provide you the Facility to Change Shapes, Sizes and Button colors According to your Choice. Also Comes with Premium-free version, Floating bars, Google analytics tracker, Variety of Amazing skins and Many More. Taking about Pro Version (starts at $19), gives you More Additional benefits like Monochrome, Custom effects, Support all Unlocked social websites like Telegram, Whatapps Sharing, etc.

Kiwi Social Share WordPress Plugin

(5) Social Pug WordPress Plugin:

Social Pug is a Retina optimized and Most popular Free-premium Social Sharing Plugin by Mediavine. It allows you to Customize the Largest Media Platform button which are Most commonly used such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. It offers you a Variety of Custom Designs, Eyes catching color schemes & Displaying social share counts. Easy to Installation and Also comes with Amazing Features are GDPR compliance, Total sharing counts, Buttons labels and Many More. But if You are Interested in Pro-version Starts at $24.

Social Pug WordPress Plugin

(6) AddtoAny Sharing WordPress Plugins:

If you Haven't find a Mobile friendly optimized, Responsive & fully AMP Supported Social Sharing wordPress plugin, Then AddtoAny is a Smart Option for you. It helps to Get huge Amount of Traffic for your Website and Supports more Over 100 Sharing Platform buttons like Facebook, Whatapps, Tumblr, Pinterest, Wechat, Reddit and Many More. Compatible with Woo-commerce, Google analytics integrated and Allows you To display Share counts, Start/End the content, Variation of floating share buttons, Custom icons, etc. Price is 100% Free but if you are Planning to Get some Advanced Features then Go with Paid Version.

AddtoAny WordPress Plugin

(7) Sassy Social Share WordPress Plugin:

Sassy Social Share is a Much faster & 100% Mobile responsiveness Media Sharing WordPress Plugin also Compatible with AMP. It allows to Share your Content more Than 100+ Social Sharing Site like Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Whatapps, Pinterest, etc. Very smooth & Well-optimized, Looks wonderful on All type of Screen-size Devices. Easily modify the Main and Background icons color using Plugin Customizer. Comes with Url shortner, Supports HTTPS, GDPR complaint, Variations of vertical and horizontal floating bars, Woo-commerce compatible and Much More.

Sassy Social Share WordPress Plugin

(8) Social Snap WordPress Plugin:

Social Snap is an Amazing and Super light-weighted Sharing Plugin with Supports 20+ popular Social Sharing Sites. Highly customizable & Completely responsive, Perfectly work on Any Screen-size Resolutions. It helps to Get large Amount of Visitors with the Useful Custom Widgets. This plugin offers Multiple Placement option, on Which you can Add Sharing Buttons on Different places with Different styles. Many Handy features are Gutenberg support, Share counts, Social media cards and so on. Social snap Comes with Two versions Free and Paid. Free version are Also available form Wordpress.org and if you are Agree to Buy Paid version it Starts form $39.

Social Snap WordPress Plugin

(9) Simple Social Share WordPress Plugin:

Simple social share is a Simple, Highly customizable for Social Media Sharing wordPress plugin Comes with a Lot of Handy Features like Popups, Fly-in, Custom post types and Many More. Very light weighted, Absolutely free & Allows you to Add popular Platform Sharing buttons Anywhere.

Simple Social Share Plugin

(10) Social Sidebar WordPress Plugin:

Looking for a more Attractive, Responsiveness ready & Well optimized social sharing plugin, Then Social Sidebar is a Best Solution for your WordPress Site. Also available in Style Editor Panel, easily create Custom Designs according to your Choice. Totally paid version and Give you a Lot of Handy-Crafted features like Animated icons, Awesome pop-ups window, 4 color theme option, Mobile friendly optimized, 500+ icons, etc.

Social Sidebar WordPress Plugin


After the Complete Explanation of the Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress listed above, Now I End this Post and Tell you which Plugin you have to Choose? If you have no Budget at All, I suggest you to use the Free Version Plugins I Mentioned above. Because some of these Plugins are Free and Some are Premium. I also Use these Plugins on my WordPress website.

If you have Some Money to buy Premium Plugins And if you want to Get more Features, Then you Should go With Monarch, Kiwi Social Share, Social Snap, Social Sidebar. I hope That this Article will be Proved very Helpful to You. Share this Article on Social Media as much as Possible And You can Also find us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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