Best Free Ecommerce Blogger Templates 2020

If you are Thinking about of Creating an E-Commerce Niche Site But you Don't have Enough Budget to Buy any E-commerce Premium Template, Then this Article will Be very helpful to You to Find the Best Free E-commerce Blogger Templates for your Online Shopping Store.

Best Free Ecommerce Blogger Templates 2020

As you All know that Blogger is a Big Platform which Provides free Hosting and Blogspot Domain & It is especially For those People who Do not Have the Budget to Buy any Web Hosting. Because If you Create a Non-Hosted website you must Need to Buy Web Hosting for Your Website.

But if You want To create a Free Website, then I would Suggest you to go with Blogger because you Will not Need to Buy any Web Hosting. You Just need to Buy a Good Custom Domain name & link your Domain to Blogspot website and can Make a professional E-Commerce website.

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Best Free E-commerce Blogger Templates

All these Blogger Shopping Templates are Premium looking, SEO Boost, Clean Code, 100% Responsive, Super Fastest Loading Speed, etc.

If you Want to Display all kinds of Ads on your Website and Want to Earn Some Money, then All these E-Commerce Templates are Fully Optimized for Displaying Ads. Some of these Templates offer Premium version and if You want to Get some Extra Features then you can Also use Their Premium Version, But If you Don't have Budget then You can Go with Free Version Only.

 (1) Soracart Shopping Blogger Template:

Soracart Shopping is an E-Commerce Niche Blogspot Theme suited for Selling Products Online, 100% Responsive layout so Easily adjustable on All type of Screen-Size Dimensions & Gives you Some Awesome Features which you Expect form the Online store template. Easy to modify and its Performance is very Fast, Clean Coded and Fully SEO boost. Best for Men and Women Fashion, Accessories, Kids clothing, Shoes, Furniture store, Sports, etc.

Soracart Shopping Blogger Template

(2) Store Mag E-Commerce Blogger Template:

Store Mag E-Commerce Blogger Template will Impress you Because it Comes with a Huge Number of Custom Gadgets which you Want. So You can Easily add Latest products, Email Subscription Widgets and Some attractive Social Sharing icon buttons. This Template is Built on Responsiveness, Ads ready & has a Beautiful slider on the Top So that You can Show your Latest Trends. Very Clean and Elegant design with Right Sidebar.

Store Mag E-Commerce Blogger Template

(3) Easy Cart Blogger Template:

Easy Cart is one of the Most Professional E-commerce Template, Amazing for Online Shopping Store. Comes with green, white and black as Primary Colors Schemes, but you can Easily change Template colors through Dashboard & it also has a Fully Responsive Design, looks Perfect on all Modern Devices. Customization is very Easy and is a SEO Friendly template, Ideally created For Selling accessories, Selling clothes, Watches, Jewellery, Shoes, etc.

Easy Cart Blogger Template

(4) Mega Shop Blogger Template:

Mega Shop Blogger Template is Ideally designed for Those, Who want to Create a more Attractive E-commerce Niche Website. Beautiful large Slider on the Top, Easily show your Latest product Items And it is Becoming very Popular Day by Day because of its Creative design, Responsiveness and many Advanced Gadgets. I also like this Template, So if you Haven't Found a Template for your Niche Website then This template may be an Awesome Choice for You. Best for Online electronics store, Fashion, Book store, Sports, etc.

Mega Shop Blogger Template

(5) Sora Store Blogger Template:

Sora Store is a Smart Looking E-commerce Based template for Online Sellers & comes with Highly SEO Friendly and Super Fast Loading Speed, you can Easily create a more Beautiful and Rich Featured Online Store with this Template. Completely Responsive, looks Stunning on all Type of Screen-size or Devices And has a Fancy Scheme of yellow and black as Primary Color but you can Change this color Through customizer. Suitable for Any type Of Products which You want To Sell like Clothes, Gadgets, Furniture, etc.

Sora Store Blogger Template

(6) Shopingo Online Store Template:

Shopingo is a Clean design E-commerce Niche template That Comes with Amazing Features like SEO optimized, Beautiful slideshow, Blue color scheme, Email subscription widget, Magazine layout, Large number of Stylish Fonts, Post thumbnails, Responsive, Social bookmarking, Left sidebar, 4 Footer columns, etc & Perfect for All type of Niche and Multi-niche Sites.

Shopingo Online Store Template

(7) Beta Commerce Blogger Template:

Beta Commerce is a Well-Optimized & Retina ready E-commerce blogger theme Developed by Templateism. So, If you are Looking for a Responsive and Totally Rich featured template then You should go with This one. Many Features include Full reactive, Page navigation menu, Slideshow, Email subscription widget, Social bookmarking, Multi drop down menu, etc.

Beta Commerce Blogger Template

(8) Value Ecommerce Blogger Template:

Value E-commerce is a Super Elegant, Easy to use and Hand-Crafted blogspot Template, best Suited for Building Online Store & Easily create a More Professional E-commerce niche website. It Comes with Awesome Gadgets Like Lazy loading post, Slideshow, SEO ready, Full responsive layout, 4 Footer columns, Minimalistic, Social sharing icons, Multi Drop down menu, etc.

Value Ecommerce Blogger Template

(9) Boutique Shopping Store Template:

Boutique Shopping Store is a Typography, Premium looking and Mobile optimized E-commerce Theme & Comes with Awesome JQuery slideshow On the Top with the Fold Content Area. This template is Designed and Developed by Sora Templates, Many powerful features Are Faster loading, More flexible, Responsive design, Fixed width size, Adapted from WordPress and Much More.

Boutique Shopping Store Template

(10) UBook Blogger Template:

Ubook is a Simple, Creative design E-commerce Template with a Minimalistic Approach & Highly SEO boost, Supports a wide range of Custom Gadgets, and comes with 100% Responsive design that Looks amazing on User's screen size Dimensions like smartphones, tablets and other devices. Best option for Online selling Book store, But can also be Used for Micro-niche Site like Movies, Review, Travel, Tech, etc.

UBook Blogger Template

(11) Masgus Market E-commerce:

Masgus E-commerce Blogger Template may be a Good Choice for You, if you Don't Like the templates listed Above. Features include Clean layout, Much Faster loading, Perfect looking, and Fully responsive for all E-commerce Niche Website.

Masgus Market E-commerce Blogger Template

(12) Androider Technology Blogger Template:

Androider Technology is a Responsive Free, Ultra Flexible and Retina ready blogspot theme, Advertisement Optimized which Offers you to Add all Type of Ads and Earn Money. Its Layout is Same as Google Play Store & Awesome schemes of green, gray and white as Action color. Many handy Features of this Template are Ads ready, No sidebar, Fixed width layout, Multi drop down menu, etc.

Androider Technology Blogger Template

(13) Shopstar Responsive Blogger Template:

Shopstar Responsive is a Super Stylish and User Friendly optimized Blogger Template comes with JQuery responsive Slideshow on the Header with the Fold Content Area & Amazingly built For all kind of Niche Sites. In this Template, You can Easily make a Product Selling website with Custom Gadgets, Responsive and also Ads Optimized.

Shopstar Responsive Blogger Template

(14) WE-commerce Responsive Blogger Template:

WE-commerce is an Modern looking E-commerce Online Store template with Responsive layout, Powerful gadgets, Pure code and Much Faster With Unique Design.

WE-commerce Responsive Blogger Template

(15) Shopping Theme Blogger Template:

Shopping Theme is an Minimal and Very elegant E-commerce Niche template Developed by Premium Blogger Templates, its Absolutely Free and Comes with Amazing Responsive Slider with the Fold Content Area & has a Three Footer Columns with Responsive layouts. Mixture of blue and grey Color Schemes with white Shaded Background, perfectly Suited for All type of Online Shopping Store.

Shopping Theme Blogger Template


At the End of this Article, I hope You got an Idea of what kind of Templates to choose for your Website. Because All above listed Blogger Templates are Totally Free, SEO ready, Clean design, 100% Responsive, etc & You can Easily create an Online Product Website at Blogger by Choosing from the List of My Suggested Templates And Fulfill your Dreams.

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